United States and Canada Foundations

The Equipment Dealers and Canada Equipment Dealers Foundations are thinking big about the future of our industry. Help us build a $1 million endowment fund to ensure we continue to have the people and the skills to be successful.

Since its inception, the Equipment Dealers Foundation and Canada Equipment Dealers Foundation combined have raised more than $2 Million with over $900,000 in matching scholarships and more than $700,000 on other programs. Considering the importance of employee skill development, and the rising technical demands facing equipment dealerships, this is a drop in the bucket. As an industry, we can and must do more.

Your support will further our efforts to provide technical education scholarships for the benefit of dealers, employees, and the equipment industry. Each year scholarships are awarded across all regions to aspiring individuals that are the future of the industry. NAEDA hosts many events to raise funds for the scholarship program. To learn more contact the Canada or United States association office.

Our foundations accept annual donations in all denominations. These donations will be used as matching funds for scholarships and other programs. By raising funds, we can help members get one step closer to filling dealership vacancies. If you have questions, please contact Jennifer Orr regarding the EDF (800-762-5616) or Larry Hertz regarding the CEDF (800-661-2452).

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United States: (800) 762-5616
Canada: (800) 661-2452


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