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Provider of used equipment valuations, market intelligence and a suite of integrated, cloud-based business systems custom-tailored for the equipment industry.

Our customers include dealers, farmers, financial institutions, OEMs, analysts, and government agencies. For 80 years, we have delivered the most comprehensive database of agricultural and construction used equipment valuations, normalized for comparability, via IronGuides® Official Guide.  Other services include IronHQ®, PrecisionHQ℠, IronIndex℠,  IronForecast℠, and IronSearch®.

Iron Solutions Products & Services


IronGuides® Official Guide delivers the power of precise, streamlined valuations into your hands. Our proprietary model is built on actual dealer sales transaction data and refined through careful analysis of how options, characteristics, and customization impact value. With a full spectrum of targeted, tiered solutions, you can access and leverage the data you need to drive business growth and profits.


IronHQ helps equipment dealerships seamlessly drive, measure and manage both the performance and profitability of their businesses. It is the most flexible, affordable, powerful and complete marketing and sales automation service for equipment dealers because it also incorporates the valuation data of IronGuidesSM Official Guide and price books from a variety of manufacturers. Cloud-based and powered by NetSuite, IronHQ can be scaled up or down to meet the needs of your business. Get real-time insights into not only service and parts information but also sales activity including leads, prospects, inventory, customers and opportunities. Stop chasing data and information. IronHQ can integrate with your Business System using our Data Transfer Service creating a complete system for managing phone calls, emails, and those spreadsheets of customer data.


PrecisionHQ is a cloud-based system tailored for precision dealers to manage their complex mix of parts, services and extended subscription sales within one system. All your dealer functions, from back-office accounting to sales and ordering processes to inventory controls, are at your fingertips. Powered by NetSuite®, the scalable cloud-based PrecisionHQ solution improves efficiency and inventory visibility. Built-in, real-time reporting and analytics equips your organization with a single version of the truth and ignites better, faster decision-making.


IronSearch® is an online marketplace for new and used agricultural and industrial equipment. Equipment is listed with detailed specifications, photos and videos, drawing millions of visitors annually. It has helped sellers find buyers for billions of dollars in equipment sales for over 15 years. For Farmers, IronSearch provides online 24/7 access to thousands of pieces of equipment from lawn tractors to combines. You can list equipment for sale by owner and appraise it with the IronAppraiserSM — powered by IronGuides®data — to help competitively price equipment in minutes. For Dealers, IronSearch provides a seamless process to put your equipment inventory in front of thousands of potential customers. Over the years, it has delivered hundreds of thousands of leads to drive sales for our Customer’s dealerships.


IronForecast is the first—and only—product to deliver realtime forecasting of future value. To mitigate the inevitable risk involved in buying, selling, and financing agricultural equipment, you need more than simple straight-line depreciation models. Our future values reflect actual industry data, accounting for the impact of market, industry, and geographic factors. The result: profitable decision-making throughout all stages of the equipment life cycle. The agricultural equipment market’s most advanced digital valuation product empowers dealers, manufacturers, and lenders to achieve key business objectives; decrease risk and losses while increasing total unit sales, market penetration, profitability, and confidence. Leverage complete data into real results. Available in comprehensive guides for both used and new equipment, IronForecast℠ is the most powerful risk management – and profit enhancement tool – in the industry.


IronIndex Manufacturers, analysts and lenders use IronIndexSM to understand market trends and assess changing market conditions. IronIndex acts as a barometer on the health of the agricultural equipment market. It calculates the change in actual dealer prices for the prior three model years for various types of equipment versus the original selling price. Provided in a format that allows the user to dissect the information to meet their needs, the IronIndex gives a unique perspective on the shifts in used values and relative supply and demand.


IronTrends, a web-based application, lets users study shifts in equipment values by machine type, make, model, and geography from 2007 until today. It tracks how a type, make, class or model has performed over time versus the IronIndex. Easy-to-understand graphs aid visualization of these changes and provide granular insight into competitive shifts over time, a view that isn’t available anywhere else.   |  1-877-266-IRON   |

Company is headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee and owned by Randall Reilly


United States: (800) 762-5616
Canada: (800) 661-2452


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