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Western Equipment Dealers Association (WEDA) today announced their endorsement of Paycom. The endorsement from WEDA has been established to bring attention to the benefits that Paycom can provide to their members. With Paycom, Western Equipment Dealers Association gains a strategic and flexible HR and payroll software solution capable of benefiting members.

Paycom provides:

  • A single-database human capital management solution that manages the complete employment life cycle, from recruitment to retirement;
  • Flexible software that helps streamline HR and payroll functions, enabling businesses to quickly and efficiently manage multiple locations and stay ahead of regulatory changes, thanks to Paycom’s monthly product enhancements; and
  • An easy-to-use employee self-service interface, allowing organizations to better engage their safety-focused workforce through enhanced scheduling, surveys and learning platforms that help drive performance.

“The Western Equipment Dealers Association’s decision to make Paycom its preferred HR and payroll software provider is further proof of their dedication to offering high-quality, value-added services to its member base,” said Kathy Oden-Hall, Paycom’s chief marketing officer. “We look forward to developing strong, long-lasting relationships with their members.”

According to John Schmeiser, CEO of Western Equipment Dealers Association, “WEDA is excited to have Paycom as a partner providing HR and payroll services to members. Their robust platform will bring ease-of-use and efficiency to members’ operations.”

Because Paycom empowers businesses with one system of record for employees, any information that impacts payroll is entered one time, with the changes taking effect throughout the system. They dedicate a specialist for each customer to call for help when they need it.

About Paycom

As a leader in payroll and HR technology, Oklahoma City-based Paycom redefines the human capital management industry by allowing companies to effectively navigate a rapidly changing business environment. Its cloud-based software solution is based on a core system of records maintained in a single database for all human capital management functions, providing the functionality that businesses need to manage the complete employment life cycle, from recruitment to retirement. Paycom has the ability to serve businesses of all sizes and in every industry. As one of the leading human capital management providers, Paycom serves clients in all 50 states from offices across the country. Visit for more information.



United States: (800) 762-5616
Canada: (800) 661-2452


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