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This late in the session, it was not expected there would be a hearing in first committee on a bill. However, we were notified Friday afternoon that Senate Bill 1086 will be heard in the Senate Committee on Commerce, Consumer Protection, Energy and the Environment at 8:00 a.m. this Wednesday.
This is the first time a Right to Repair bill has been heard in the Missouri Senate and its important the members of the committee understand our opposition to the bill. Here are the Members of the Committee with contact information and what dealers are located in their districts. If you have a location in one of these districts, please consider making a phone call or sending a short note to your Senator stating your opposition to the bill.
WEDA will be testifying in committee this Wednesday. If you have any questions about who you should be contacting or what the content of your message should be, please contact me.


United States: (800) 762-5616
Canada: (800) 661-2452


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