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At the beginning of this week, a second Right to Repair bill was introduced prior to the bill introduction deadline at the end of this week. Senate Bill 1654 is sponsored by Senator Lois Kolkhorst (R, Senate District 18). The bill is specific to farm equipment and contains all of the worst elements of Right to Repair legislation, including parts sold at dealer net cost and unfettered access to embedded software.

The Senator was immediately contacted about the legislation to discern the intent behind the bill. We were informed that the bill was introduced on behalf of a constituent and were given assurances that the bill will NOT move this session. By rule, the bill will be referred to committee, however, the Senator said it will not be given a hearing.

While it’s disappointing to see the legislation even introduced by a rather conservative member of the legislature, this is good news. We will be working in the interim to prevent the legislation even being drafted next cycle.

As an update, the other Right to Repair bill is also ag specific. That bill, HB 1606, was introduced by Rep. Terry Meza (D, House District 105) and has been referred to the House Business & Industry Committee. The same legislator introduced the same bill in 2021 and it did not receive a hearing then.

NAEDA and a large coalition of other stakeholders have communicated with Rep. Meza and the committee chair about our opposition to the legislation. Rep. Meza has said she is working on amendments to the bill at the moment. We do not expect this legislation to move. 


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