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Yesterday, the Missouri House Agriculture Policy Committee was scheduled to vote on HB 2402, the Right to Repair bill. Instead of moving forward with a vote in executive session, the chairman of the committee postponed the vote at the request of the bill sponsor, Representative Barry Hovis (R-Cape Girardeau).
The delay comes on the heels of last week’s contentious bill hearing. For two hours, the 17 member committee heard testimony. Dealers, WEDA, and manufacturers provided substantive information about what our industry does to support customer repair and how the unnecessary legislation would be damaging for not only dealers but their customers and even independent repair shops. A special thanks to Craig Murray of Heritage Tractor for providing excellent testimony on behalf of dealers across Missouri.
Following the hearing, individual discussions with committee members revealed we have the necessary votes to defeat the bill. With spring break for the legislature coming next week, it is possible HB 2402 may not be brought back for a vote this session. If it is, we are confident the bill will be killed.
There is a companion Right to Repair bill in the Senate, SB 1086, that was referred to committee yesterday. Previous meetings with the bill sponsor, Senator Mike Cierpiot (R-Lee’s Summit), led us to believe that he was not fully aware of the intent of the bill and not familiar with the Right to Repair issue. Combined with the late committee referral, this bill is not believed to be a threat although WEDA is working diligently to ensure it doesn’t move forward.
If you have questions about the status of Right to Repair legislation in Missouri, please contact Eric Wareham, VP of Government Affairs.


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