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The end of last week marked the crossover deadline in the Oklahoma legislature, the point at which a bill must pass its chamber of origin to continue moving forward. The Right to Repair bill, HB 1011, did not pass the chamber as in dead.
As you know, we have had difficulty working with the sponsor of the Right to Repair bill, Rep. Logan Phillips. From not being allowed to testify on HB 1011 in the committee he chairs to cancelling the interim study on Right to Repair when it was apparent that opposition was overwhelming, Rep. Phillips has not shown a willingness to understand dealers concerns with his legislation.
While WEDA does not endorse candidates for political races, it is worthwhile to know that Logan Phillips has a primary opponent in House District 24. Chris Banning is running against Phillips in the June 28th primary election. His campaign website is Chris has met with dealers in the district to understand their concerns and reached out to WEDA for our perspective on the Right to Repair issue.
Thank you to all the dealers who engaged on HB 1011 this year. Whether it was contacting your legislators or being included on the logo letter sent to the legislature, your involvement made the difference.
If you have any questions about this issue or other bills in the Oklahoma legislature, please contact Eric Wareham, Vice President of Government Affairs.


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