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As we previously alerted you to, a hearing was held last Tuesday for SB 73 in the Ohio Senate Financial Institutions and Technology Committee. The hearing was for opponents to the legislation only and there were several dealers that attended the hearing to testify.

The hearing went very well with the dealers doing a tremendous job of representing our industry and explaining everything they do to support customer repair and why they oppose the legislation. The committee also received several written testimonies from Ohio dealers and national associations.

In discussions since the hearing, the Chairman of the committee has conveyed his intent that the legislation will not be moving forward without a comprehensive exemption for our industry. This is great news and directly attributable to all of the engagement we’ve had from dealers in Ohio.

Since the legislative session in Ohio lasts throughout the year, we will not take this good news for granted and will continue monitoring and working on the bill to ensure it does not proceed.

Thank you again to the dealers who were able to testify and send testimony to the committee. If you have any questions about this legislation, do not hesitate to contact me or the association.


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