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It’s been three weeks since we alerted you to House Bill 4810, legislation designed to gut existing statutory provisions relating to agreements between dealers and manufacturers.

After being introduced, the bill was referred to the House Business & Industry Committee on March 23rd. The bill has not been scheduled for a hearing as of yet. With the legislative session now passed the halfway point, it is highly unlikely the bill would have enough time procedurally to move in this session.

NAEDA has also met with and received assurances from key legislators that this bill will not be moving forward this session. With that said, we are remaining vigilant about monitoring the bill and actively working to make sure it does not proceed.

That still leaves unsolved the issue of where this legislation came from. At this point, we have ruled out several major manufacturers who have actively opposed the legislation with us. Multiple calls and emails to the bill sponsor requesting a meeting have gone unnoticed and we are searching for more information.

Thank you to those who have engaged by contacting the bill sponsor and your elected representatives. Those communications made the difference in stifling this legislation. We will keep you informed on the status of the bill and information we receive moving forward.


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