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Legislative session in Indiana kicked off yesterday and already there are a pair of Right to Repair bills introduced, one in each chamber.  House Bill 1155 is specific to agricultural equipment and is sponsored by two republicans, Representative Robb Greene and Representative David Hall.  Senate Bill 53 relates to consumer electronics and agricultural equipment, the bill is sponsored by democrat Senator J.D. Ford.

Both bills contain price fixing language that mandates the sale of parts at dealer net cost and require unfettered access to security locks and security related functions of equipment.

NAEDA has sent the bill sponsors our position statement along with supporting materials, including an infographic providing facts about the reality of the repair landscape for farm equipment and a Coalition Letter from 27 regional and national associations that NEADA spearheads opposing the legislation. We also included a link ( to our association’s website that hosts the Memorandums of Understanding between the American Farm Bureau Federation and the manufacturer’s that includes information on self-repair offerings from each of the OEMs.

We are seeking a meeting with the bill sponsors to discuss their intent for introducing the bills and share with them our perspective on why legislation is unnecessary in light of the MOUs and how our industry supports customer self-repair. The bills have not been scheduled for a hearing yet and it is our goal to avoid that. Certain dealers who are located in the bill sponsor’s districts will be contacted when those meetings are scheduled.

Dealer engagement in the legislative process is the most crucial factor in killing these bills. We will keep you updated on any developments with the legislation and any calls to action necessary. If you have any questions or comments, please reach out directly to VP of Government Affairs Eric Wareham.


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