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The Washington State legislature does not convene for regular session until January 8th; however, the legislature has already scheduled a Right to Repair bill for a hearing.

House Bill 1933 is sponsored by Rep. Mia Gregerson and relates to both digital electronic products and agricultural equipment specifically. Right to Repair bills formerly introduced by Rep. Gregerson have included an exemption for off-road equipment; however, the bill this year puts our industry squarely back in the crosshairs.

The bill itself is a mashup of different concepts that mandate different requirements for digital electronic products and agricultural equipment.  By trying to combine such drastically different products as tractors and phones, HB 1933 is a very confusing and poorly drafted bill that nonetheless contains very concerning language.

HB 1933 is scheduled for a hearing on January 12th at 8:00 am in the House Committee on Consumer Protection and Business. NAEDA will be attending the hearing to testify. We have already met with the Washington Farm Bureau to discuss their support for the Memorandums of Understanding rather than legislation. We will be attempting to have conversations with members of the committee prior to the hearing as well.

There will be more to come on this, but for now, we want dealers to be aware of the bill and be geared up to face this legislation. If you have any questions, please contact Vice President of Government Affairs Eric Wareham at


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