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January 23, 2024

Since the Missouri legislative session began on January 3rd, Right to Repair bills have been trickling into our legislative tracking. There are now three bills that have been introduced with no hearings scheduled at this point.

Two bills are reintroductions from previous legislative sessions. Rep. Barry Hovis (R-Cape Girardeau) has brought back his bill for the 6th straight year in a row. HB 2475 is specific to agriculture, construction and forestry equipment and yet again contains parts at dealer net cost, includes providing diagnostic tools in a non-proprietary format, and mandates self-repair during warranty periods. It continues to be one of the worst bills introduced in the country.

The second reintroduction comes from Rep. Emily Weber (D-Kansas City). HB 2041 is a broad-based bill applying to all products sold in Missouri except motor vehicles. This bill is not expected to advance.

The third bill is a newcomer from Rep. Brian Seitz (R-Branson). HB 1618 is also a broad-based bill, and the sponsor has stated his intent is focused on motorcycles. We have sent Rep. Seitz our position statement and supporting material.

NAEDA will continue working and monitoring these bills and keep you updated on any developments. We have done a lot of work to keep Right to Repair bills from being passed in Missouri over the last several years and that groundwork gives us a solid foundation going into this year.

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