Pursuing policies that support your success

As an advocacy association for more than 115 years,  the North American Equipment Dealers Association (NAEDA) works tirelessly to advance the interests of our members. Every day, in everything we do, we never take our eyes off one essential question: will it help the dealer?

Grow our collective influence to positively impact the industry

Due to the longstanding presence in our capitals, plus the involvement of our grassroots in the process, the legacy that we have established in dealer advocacy is impressive. No other organization presents viewpoints, opinions, and position papers to our elected representatives from an equipment dealer point of view. Your priority must remain on your business. But take comfort that NAEDA is proactively lobbying on your behalf to ensure we have the proper legislative and regulatory environment that you need to succeed.

Our ongoing commitment to dealer advocacy ensures the dealer’s views are heard when important legislative and regulatory issues are discussed.

Manufacturer and Industry Relations

NAEDA’s top priority is manufacturer relations. We recognize that the most important contract a dealer will sign is their dealer contract with an OEM. NAEDA regularly communicates with OEMs on contractual and policy issues to ensure balance and fairness in the relationship.

Legislative & Regulatory Affairs

The North American Equipment Dealer Association works with legislators and regulators across our regions and provinces to improve the day-to-day business environment of our members, and to strengthen equipment dealer laws. The government affairs team identifies and advocates for our legislative priorities in capitals, tracks and monitors legislation, and works directly with agencies to create favorable laws and rules that improve the success of your business operations. NAEDA is recognized by federal, state, and provincial governments as the voice of the dealer and is regularly consulted before changes are made. Visit the Legislative & Regulatory Affairs page to review information regarding current legislation, dealer protection statutes, regulations and more for both the U.S. and Canada.

Government Affairs Vision:

To establish the North American Equipment Dealers Association as a trusted resource for policymakers in the development of legislation and regulations affecting the equipment dealer industry, and be viewed by industry partners and our members as effective advocates.

Government Affairs Mission:

To present a clear and consistent government affairs strategy in the pursuit of public policy outcomes that benefit successful dealers.

Legislative Landscape

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