Manufacturer & Industry Relations

NAEDA’s signature priority is manufacturer and industry relations because our members know it’s key to their success. NAEDA believes that open dialogue between dealers, manufacturers, associations, and customers is essential for our industry – and your business – to thrive.

“Manufacturer relations is one of the most important activities our association conducts on behalf of our dealer members.”

– John Schmeiser, COO of NAEDA

NAEDA takes many steps to ensure smooth working relationships within the industry. Here are just a few examples.

Relationship-Building With Equipment Manufacturers

NAEDA helps maintain a high level of trust and mutual understanding between manufacturers and dealer associations. As part of this, we regularly communicate and meet with OEMs on contractual and policy issues. As we bring issues forward from our dealer members, collaborative discussions lead to balance and fairness in these relationships.

NAEDA has developed a series of key principles that are important to dealers in their relationship with their various suppliers. These principles recognize key areas of the operating environment and are fundamental to the success of an independent dealership. To review the nine key principles CLICK HERE

Listen to this two-part podcast on the Dealer/Manufacturer Relations Nine Key Principles with John Schmeiser, NAEDA COO.

Industry Relations Task Force (IRTF)

NAEDA participates in meetings and makes one-on-one visits with manufacturers and associations through the Industry Relations Task Force (IRTF). As we continue to work closely with manufacturers, we see that they value our opinion on dealer issues such as market share, right to repair, inventory demands and other areas of expressed concern.

The IRTF’s goal is to encourage mutual trust and respect between dealers and manufacturers and establish open lines of communication. Over the years, we’ve found that there’s much common ground and mutual benefit for all players can be achieved.

The IRTF meetings take place once a year, or more often if required. Members table the priorities and emerging issues on behalf of the industry then discuss and create solutions that best serve the industry. The working group of four equipment dealer managers have more than 110 years of combined experience. They represent North American dealers who have provided their input in advance. Notes are taken at these meetings and are distributed back to all member dealers to keep them in the loop.

This formal process takes place outside legislative processes and is extremely effective. The IRTF was started in 1998 and NAEDA has seen 20 years of successful relationship-building and collaboration using this format.

Listen to our podcast on the Industry Relations Task Force.


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