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Two weeks ago, we alerted you to a pair of Right to Repair bills introduced in each chamber of the Indiana legislature. Both bills were assigned to committees in the House and Senate. We are very pleased to report that due to quick action from dealers, NAEDA, and industry partners, the Chairmen of both committees have shared their intent to NOT hold hearings on either bill.

In the past two weeks, an industry coalition met with Representative Mike Aylesworth (Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee), and Senator Brian Buchanan (Chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee). Both were convinced the bills posed serious problems and were not ready for hearings.

NAEDA will continue monitoring both bills to ensure they remain dormant, and we will continue working with the bill sponsors to educate them about our industry positions. As we have learned from past experience, these bills continue to be reintroduced and political dynamics change, so we will keep up the effort to make sure Indiana does not have a bill advance through the legislative process.

Thank you to all the dealers who engaged on this legislation, your involvement made the difference. If you have any questions, please contact me directly at


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