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October 6, 2023: Last week NAEDA Canada met with Wilson Miao (L), Member of Parliament for Richmond Centre to discuss progress on Bill C-244. MP Miao sponsored the Bill to address right to repair on electronics and appliances, and the meeting was our second opportunity with him to share how agriculture, construction, industrial and outdoor power equipment industries in Canada should be exempted.

The current session of Parliament will resume September 19th and MP Miao advised that he anticipates 3rd reading on the Bill will be scheduled for October 2nd.

Since this meeting with MP Miao, we have had follow-up meetings with MPs Andrew Scheer (C) and Warren Steinley (C) to restate our concerns about Bill C-244. The Conservative caucus has been very receptive to our industry solution and have concerns about the broad scope of Bill C-244. Follow-up meetings with the Conservative caucus will take place over the next month.

At the same time, the Federal Government has not announced the consultation process on Right to Repair that was unveiled as part of the 2023-24 Budget announcement. This is to be led by the Department of Finance, however no discussions on this have taken place to this point and we are not sure if they plan to follow through on this commitment.

As always, as things progress on Bill C-244 NAEDA Canada will continue to update dealer members on the process and progress. Thanks again to all dealers who have reached out to their MP to pledge their opposition to this Bill.

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