We’ll be glad to deal with any kind of employment litigation issues, such as unlawful termination, wage hack or discrimination of any kind, which you might have encountered at your workplace…

Real Estate Law

The real property market nuances and the laws regulating it (such as estate taxing, e.g.) are one of our biggest field of work. We will be protecting your best interest whatever the case is!

Business Litigation & Arbitration

The field of commercially related litigation spans everything that your company might be suing others for or be sued by others against…

Insurance Law

The real property market nuances and the laws regulating it (such as estate taxing, e.g.) are one of our biggest field of work. We will be protecting your best interest whatever the case is!

Products & Services

Dealer Education, Training and Consulting(US & Canada)

The Dealer Institute provides solutions and resources for growing your business and people, and improving operational and financial efficiencies. You now have access to a variety of affordable training programs and consulting services that can be delivered in a way that works best for you.

Financial Services (US)

Equipment Dealers Consulting has provided more than just CPA Services to dealers for over 60 years. From Industry expertise to revenue growth to tax-savings advice, Equipment Dealer Consulting is your long-term strategic partner that knows your business -inside and out. Review EDC service offerings to learn more.

Partner Programs (US & Canada)

Western has selected several endorsed partners in the US and Canada that bring significant value to our members. Partners are selected by a committee and evaluated each year on their value-added solutions. Western’s endorsed partners are recognized leaders and providers in the industry delivering quality solutions that best fit your business.

Online Campus (US & Canada)

The Online Campus was designed and developed specifically for dealerships of all sizes and brands, offering over 1,000 short, 10-15 minute industry-specific courses for operational excellence, leadership, coaching, safety, sales, human resource issues, negotiating and more. The Online Campus allows your staff training both quickly and efficiently without ever leaving your business.

Cost of Doing Business Study (US & Canada)

The Cost of Doing Business Study, published annually by WEDA, is one of the industry’s most valuable publications. The annual study is broken down by dealer type (agricultural, industrial, and outdoor power), encompasses 14 important financial and operating ratios of North America’s equipment dealers.This valuable study compares financial performance of all dealers (regardless of lines or manufacturers represented). Dealer members use this information to assist in the valuation process of their businesses for estate planning, buy/sell agreements, sales, and merger/consolidation purposes. The CODB Report includes benchmarks so dealership goals and budgets can be established for future years.

Data Security Program (US & Canada)

Data security and data breaches are all over the news and have the attention of your customers. Dealers and manufacturers came to us to help address these issues, and we have developed a program tailored to dealers that will guide you through this complicated area.

Arrow Lock Tags & Plastic Security Seals (US & Canada)

Dealers have found many uses for tags and security seals including tagging customer machinery and parts in the service department, tagging new equipment for easier information access in the sales department and tagging inventory in the parts department. Download order form here for contact Kansas office.

Labels & Decals (US & Canada)

Advertise or present disclaimers on the equipment you sell or rent with customized decals. Customize with your name and logo or clearly state your policy regarding pick-up and delivery. Download order form here for contact Kansas office.

Flat Rate Guide (US)

The Flat Rate Guide for combines and agricultural tractors over 40hp is a practical tool that helps dealers in their service departments. The guide lists realistic repair times for the service shop and it gives service times based on real world situations.

Legal & Business Forms, Agreements & Manuals (US & Canada)

Legal and business forms, agreements, manuals, and other valuable industry related information are available for download or purchase.

Wage & Salary Survey (Canada)

Done on an annual basis, this survey is compiled and tabulated from dealer responses to the questionnaire sent to all members to form an informative and beneficial, confidential report on wages paid to employees in equipment dealerships.

Annual Directory (Canada)

Published once a year, this Directory is compiled from the information we receive from the Association’s Dealer/Members and Associate Members.

Grandpa’s Farm Coloring Book (Canada)

Created to promote the value of a technician to a farmer’s operations, WEDA dealer/members distribute the coloring books to their farmer/customers.  Contact the WEDA office to receive copies of the coloring book for your customers…you only pay the shipping and handling charges!  Donations towards the CEDF are always welcome!

Business & Forms Supplies (Canada)

The cost of paper and printing is increasing steadily and by using our leverage as a group of buyers, we can reduce the price our members pay for computer and counter forms. Please contact the association office for full list of US and Canadian forms, supplies, and rates.

Advertising Specialty Items (US)

Keep your name in front of your customers with:

  • Keychains
  • Mugs
  • Calculators
  • Mousepads
  • Pens
  • Or other items personalized with your company information


United States: (800) 762-5616
Canada: (800) 661-2452


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